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There have been many projects at the new house.  The page was lost, but the pictures are still there to be added in the future.  Here is a start.


11/12/2005 Start of the Floor

1/17/2006 What it looks like now, including the dishes.  White balanced with no flash - colors very accurate.


10/22/2005 My Mom and Dad came in town and my Dad helped with the countertop installation.

11/02/2005 The Range was moved out in order to put the counter top and sink in place.

11/06/2005 Actually moved the Range in and have used it.  I still need to put the tile down.

10/02/2005  OK, I started the base structure.

10/09/2005  I have the base structure complete and ready for the face as well as the counter.

10/11/2005  Well I have the front of the cabinets on, have painted some and removed the floor.

10/13/2005 The Range is in and the tiles are placed on the floor.

9/18/2005  OK, time to prepare for the countertops and sink.  I removed the existing structure because it had gotten wet from the cracks in the tile.  I ended up even removing the wall board under the sink because it too had been wet.  In the evening I moved the drain pipe and place the wall board against the studs.  I had hoped to mud and tape the wall, but it is too late.  I did get the harder part done that required the water to be shut off.

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03/21/2005 - OK, I added the food cabinet and moved the refrigerator down, along with the cabinet above it.  This created an open space.  I built the upper cabinet and then the lower.  The upper right area is for a pull out spice rack.  The lower right area is contained for the trash and recycle bins.  I am not sure where the non painted divider wood will be placed for the two drawers.  I still have the new door and drawer fronts to make or have made.

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09/2004 before cabinet work began.

May 2004
Ceiling is now in.
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When I bought the Townhouse
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