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DSC_1680a.JPG (327857 bytes)
DSC_1712a.JPG (280510 bytes)
DSC_1917a.JPG (396369 bytes)        
      12/07 still need to get time to post the rest of these pictures.  I will try to get done by end of weekend. More to come DSC_1817a.JPG (305393 bytes)

Rehearsal Dinner

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DSC_1610a.JPG (397520 bytes) DSC_1611a.JPG (347281 bytes) DSC_1613a.JPG (433732 bytes) DSC_1601a.JPG (375646 bytes) DSC_1614a.JPG (422638 bytes)
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DSC_1642a.JPG (435545 bytes) DSC_1643a.JPG (407148 bytes)

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