Summer Vacation 2005
Seattle - Canada

Days 1 - 3

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The first few days we stayed with some Friends.  We saw the city from several angles, the beach, skipped rocks, saw Mt. Rainer, waterfalls, fog, etc.  We stopped by a Cousin's house for a few hours.

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Day 4

Space Needle, Experience Music Project, Sci-Fi Museum, fun rides and different angle on the city.

Day 5

On the way to Whistler, we stopped at a little park in the middle of a residential area.  The place was incredible and it seems that the kids come to play here like it was a park, complete with water slide (with a big drop off), rocks, trails, cliffs to jump off into the water, oh and a big bridge, which is hard to stand on and take clear pictures. 

I had fun with the time lapse pictures throughout the vacation..

5 sec exposure

Day 6

Well we went up a Gondola ride to the peak of the Mountain.  The first ride was enclosed and took about 25 minutes.  The second ride was in an open car, which Jonatan and I did not like too much, and it took about 8 minutes.  Jonatan made a friend and we decided to walk down to the enclosed Gondola to ride back to Whistler.

We made it to the summit - first ride over.

We made it to the Peak

We had lunch while we took the 25 minute ride back down to Whistler. Back to Seattle we went, but we will be back as there is much to be done in Whistler Village

Day 7

f4.5 - 1/40th

The Aquarium was fun, especially to be able to take good pictures without a flash was fun for me.  We were even able to go behind the tanks.  The Market was great and busy, I can only imagine what it is like on the weekend.

Well we had to see a Baseball Game while we were there.  The Game was close, but the Mariners were winning.  In the eight, the White Sox tied it up.  The game went another three innings before the White Sox took the victory.

Day 8

Went to visit with my Aunt and view the Snoqualmie Falls.  We spent the last night at a friends playing Darts and with the cats.

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