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August 2004
Jonatan plays with a friend. 
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August 28, 2004
We went down to Sea World for an afternoon.  We rode the new Atlantis ride and did not get wet enough for Jonatan.  He was able to enjoy the water some more and got wet . . . really wet.
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November 5, 2004
I visited Jonatan's new school and watched the Friday morning activities.  His class performed in front of the school.
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November 11, 2004
The friend that took us Sailing in April came out and we went to Knotts Berry Farm.  The roller coaster flying by here performs many upside down acts and then the coaster stops and goes backwards the same way it started.  And yes, Jonatan did get wet . . . again.

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November 13, 2004
Jonatan and I went to a USC game.  It was great.  There were over 80,000 people in the stadium and more outside enjoying the tailgating.  It was Homecoming weekend, so this added to the excitement.

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December 10, 2004
Davis Holiday Performance

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