Summer Vacation 2004

Day 1

Arrived Thursday night and saw my sister, brother in law and their little daughter from Arkansas.   Friday, group from Arkansas left after lunch and we hung around the house for the rest of the evening.

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Day 2

Saturday we went out for a little canoe trip, but arrived to find that the rain had raised the river too much.  If you look at the water behind Jonatan and me, it is actually the road.  My Dad and I floated this often years ago.  The river is so calm that we usually paddled up stream and then turn around and came back.  Not this day.

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Day 3 & 4
Sunday & Monday

Sunday we went down to my parent's cottage, swam, fished and spent the night. The place looks great!

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Monday we returned in the afternoon and in the evening we went out to visit a friend (he is the pilot of the helicopter during last year's vacation.)
 We then went to Ted Drews to get frozen custard (ice cream).

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Day 5

Tuesday we went and did some city stuff, City Museum, St. Louis Library, river front, and the Old Court House.  The City Museum had a cool maze of tunnels, slides and stuff made from metal and rocks. 

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We stopped by the St. Louis City Library, the riverfront and then the Old Court House where the Dred Scott case was held in 1847.

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We then met my other sister for her Birthday at a Mexican place, then went to Ted Drews again. Sorry I did not take any pictures.

We got impulsive and went to the Cardinals baseball game. (they lost) They will be tearing down this stadium in the next year.

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Day 6
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Wednesday we went to Hannibal MO to see the boyhood home of Mark Twain, see Becky Thatcher's house, the haunted house, the caves, etc.  Well, John Kerry was schedule to speak in the Main part of town at 6 PM so they closed all the museums and shops in the area for security reasons.  We were able to do the caves, Old Mansion and Molly Browns birth house.  Molly Brown was the unsinkable Molly Brown, survivor of the Titanic.

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We then went to have a great dinner with friends and hit Ted Drews again.  Strange thing, we saw some friends from CA while we were in line.  It was strange to see Jonatan running to greet his CA friend while in MO.

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Day 7

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We went to Six Flags and then by my cousin's house. DSCN0004a.JPG (303054 bytes)
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Day 8

We went to my sister's to begin the 4 weeks of celebrating Jonatan's 10th Birthday.

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