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Life News

Summer Vacation 2006
Texas - coming soon

April 24 2006

Spring Break 2006
St. Louis

Christmas 2005

Jonatan's Birthday 2005

August 2005

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July 2005
Angels Game

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June  2005
Train Museum

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Jonatan Won a Bike at School

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Band Party (more pictures later)

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School's Open House

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Spring  2005
Jonatan playing Baseball

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November 2004
A USC Night Game

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August 2004

Jonatan BDay

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April 2004

Jonatan at OCCAPC Gala

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Yosemite Vacation

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March 2004
Parent's Visit

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February  2004
A trip to Disney

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December 2003
Another Trip to Holy Jim Falls

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September 2003
LA Fair

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Vacation in St. Louis

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August 2003
Jonatan's 9th BDay

June 2003
Father's Day
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Jonatan's school went on a 
field trip to the LaBrea Tar Pits.

May 2003
Jonatan and I went to the Renaissance Faire.

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We had a visitor, Jonatan's Aunt.

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Jonatan's new school turned 45 years old and the director was honored at an anniversary party.

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April 2003
Jonatan and I are on Spring Break in Florida.  Many of the pictures have been posted, but I still have a few more..

March 2003
Jonatan's school had an Open House and his class performed on stage.

February 2003
Took a nice hike to a water fall, twice!  

 JTLByFalls2.JPG (256395 bytes)

Christmas and News Years was great in the new house.  Jonatan had an early Christmas with me and spent Christmas with his Mom.  Jonatan and I rang in the New Year in at the house and then left New Years morning for Sequoia National Park.  We played in the snow and saw the HUGE Trees.

JTL_InSnowSmile_good.JPG (147003 bytes)

November 2002
We moved from the apartment in Irvine to a Townhouse in Costa Mesa.  The distance was about 5 miles and closer to work.  The house is larger and offers some fun home projects to be done.
Jonatan also switched schools.  He had only attended the previous school since August, but we felt it necessary.  His new school is just North of our home and is called Eldorado Emerson.

September 2002
We went to the annual LA Fair.

LA Fair Sept 22, 2002
(More To Follow)
LogRideFair2002.jpg (424072 bytes)
Sorry, this was taken by
the fair and the quality is poor
and they are advertising.

August 2002
Jonatan had another birthday and we went to the Midwest to see family.

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Yosemite Vacation 4/2004
Jonatan at the Child Abuse Prevention Center

Davis Feb 2006 Events
Many Belt Advancements During 2005/2006
Jonatan's Last Day of 4th Grade
2005 Visit to the Lomita Train Museum

Light The Night Walk 2006

Spring Vacation 2006

Davis Revolutionary War

Vegas Nov 2005
XMas Eve 2005
Christmas Day & Other Gatherings
Friend's Holiday Gathering

Sea World and La Jolla

St. Louis Feb 2005

Cathy & Jeff's Wedding (Updated 12/07/2005)

Start of Winter Baseball


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Summer Vacation

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Jonatan's Birthday
Angels Baseball Game (July 9th)

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Baseball TOC and Remaining Games

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Davis Open House

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Ingamarie's Arrival
Baseball Pictures Started

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Previous Web Site - Pre 2002

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Playing with Friend
Sea World
Jonatan's New School
Knotts Berry Farm
USC Football Game
School Holiday Performance

Jonatan's BDay (Updated)

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Jonatan's BDay
Youth Expo
EE Pool Party
Jonatan gets Purple and Blue Belts
Summer Fun

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Summer Vacation

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Jonatan gets a Green Belt
New Townhouse pictures

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A Visit from Kojak

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Yosemite Vacation (recreated)
Jonatan at the Child Abuse Prevention Center (recreated)

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Jonatan's Martial Arts Test
Eldorado Emerson Open House

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Parent's Visit

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School Trip to Knott's
Walter Trout Concert
LA Adobe Visit

Big Bear Trip

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Jonatan's Martial Arts Test

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October Events

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LA Fair

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Vivianna Arrives

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Jonatan gets Wet at Disneyland

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Jonatan's BDay

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Vacation 2001 (recreated 08/12/2009)
Vacation 2002
Jonatan's 8th BDay
LA Fair 2002

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Dennis' BDay

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My Sister's China Arrival

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Misc and Father's Day

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Jonatan's school goes to the La Brea TarPits

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La Brea Tar Pits (Preview)
HOAG Hospital Gathering

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EE International Night

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Renaissance Faire

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Sister's Visit to CA

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EE 45th Anniversary

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Jonatan's 7th BDay
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Spring Vacation (Last updated 4/25 - more to come)
EE Open House

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Holy Jim Falls Hike

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Christmas 2002

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Started Sequoia Pictures

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Pacific School Plays from Summer 2002

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Favorites from 1998-2000

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Oklahoma November 2000

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Vacation Big Springs
Vacation Family Reunion
Vacation Grant's Farm

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March Activities (Seal Release/Waldorf Play)
My Dad's 70th Birthday
June Activities (BigBear/Play 06/28/2002)

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Waldorf First Grade Play 06/07/2002

Jonatan Riding bike June 2002

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Dec 2001
XMas 2001
XMas Party 2001
Big Bear 2002 (modified 7/4/02)

LA County Fair 2001

Web Site Purpose
This site is basically dedicated to Jonatan.  It mostly consists of activities that Jonatan has been involved in or with, but there will be some exceptions to that. 

So with that said, here are some of my favorites


Web Site News

August 2009
It has been a long time since I updated the site (two months shy of three years).  I have some free time now so I will first recreate the previous pages that were lost and then get to some of the more recent pictures.

April 2006
I purchased a new Nikon Lens.  (AF-S DX VR Zoom-Nikkor 18-200mm f3.5-5.6 G IF-ED)  It will reduce the the times that I need to switch lenses.  It should also help me get clearer pictures because it has Vibration Reduction technology.

June 2005
I purchased a new digital camera (Nikon D70 SLR).  The pictures are much clearer, most of the time.  The resolution is much higher so I am saving the reduced image size with a letter (ie a, b, c) at the end of the filename.  If you want the original file (up to 2.5 Megs) you need to remove the letter in the URL address and hit enter.

February 2005
Web Hosting company deleted my web site with no backups.  I am now hosting my site in my house (see Jan. 2003 note below) and have a tape backup and will be posting more pictures.  Speed will be a little slower as I only have a residential DSL line.  

As of 2/13/2005 I am not able to find the 2002 Vacation pictures, including the Family Reunion.

I added my old Web Site with pictures prior to 2001.

December 2004
I had some Web Site issues that caused all my counters to get reset.  The only one that saw recently was the main page, all others have been reset.

April 2004
I have started some naming conventions.  If you click on a picture and it has an 'a' or 'b' at the end of the filename, you might try to remove this letter and get the original picture.  This would be larger and may need to be rotated.  By the way, the site has over 2 Gigs of pictures now.

June 2003
I have been using a new digital camera since December.  It is a Nikon.  Although I like the higher resolution and the pictures it can take outdoors, I do not like the indoor pictures at all.  the flash is not strong and does not help when taking pictures of people that are not within 8ft from the camera.  As such, many of the indoor pictures are bad.  If I over expose the picture, they come out blurry.  So I am trying to come up with a way to resolve this issue.  Until then, just enjoy the picture content, and not necessarily the quality (or lack thereof.)

January 2003

I moved my picture web site to another provider with a larger storage capacity.  So please note the new address above.

September 2002
Well for a certain reason the other night, I powered up one of the old servers to look for a few pictures.  While I had it up, I grabbed the November pictures in Oklahoma and found many of my favorites of Jonatan.  So I added them.  Also, here is what the old server room looked like before I added the desk and cabinets. The server that I powered up is the IBM at the bottom of the two stacked on one another.

April 2001
I am no longer hosting my Web Site.  As such, many of the old pictures have been removed.  I may move some of them to this site, but we will see.  My previous site had over 300 Megs of pictures and I am now limiting myself to 200 Megs, but I am sharing that space with a few other domains.  For now, I will be posting only the new pictures and the site will be VERY basic.  You will need to use your BACK browser button.


Remember you can click on the images to get a larger picture, but you will have to use your browser's BACK button after you are finished viewing the image.  If you have Internet Explorer 6, you also have the option to have the larger pictures resize to fit into your browser screen.

By the way, I have a lot of catching up to do.  Mayfair 2001, Jonatan's Birthday 2002, Vacation 2001, many plays that Jonatan has been in, Mayfair 2002, etc.  

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